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Winner Of Best Country Recording 2019
      Syracuse Area Music Awards

Welcome to the Hollow

Whiskey Hollow is a mysterious place.

Beautiful forest and the purest spring water filtered by thousands of years of mother earth.

Only a few miles from where we live,
this spring water long ago was used to make some of the best Whiskey in the world.

You take a sip and it gives you that rush,

That's The “Whiskey Hollow Rush”

But today its just crystal pure springs and lush forest.

for anyone to enjoy. 


Hangin out in the hollow is ah inspiring and has helped us write some of our best songs. 


Members of Whiskey Hollow Rush include:

Dave Schwalm Jon Ragalia, Leonard James Mirizio

Sal Casale Mike Redmond Pat Netti

Tammy Williams


                    Thanks for dropping by !


              Whiskey Hollow Rush 

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